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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Back on Track

I am ashamed to say that for about 5 months I strayed from a clean eating lifestyle and a few different things happened during that time. I gained 5 pounds (that doesn't seem like much but I had worked so hard to lose 65 pounds that it sucked majorly gaining that weight), the psoriasis on my scalp came back with a vengeance (did you know eating clean can help control that?!), and my moods were a bit all over the place. I bet you didn't know that cutting out preservatives could help regulate your moods!
If you struggle with psoriasis, eczema or a more sever autoimmune disease and it doesn't seem like medication is fully helping it might be time to try cutting out all those yucky preservatives and switch to eating clean food. The worst that could happen is that you are eating healthier. I can tell you from experience that I don't get as many flare ups with my psoriasis when I am eating clean. I do still get flare ups once in a while but not nearly as bad as it was. I can also say from experience that cutting out all the preservatives and highly processed food that I'm not as moody. I also don't PMS as badly (I'm sure my husband appreciates that) either. I notice that I am a much happier person when I cut all the crap out of my diet.
If you are wanting to make a change but aren't quite sure where to start a wonderful book to read is "100 Days of Real Food" by Lisa Leake. She does a wonderful job explaining how to make the change over to clean eating. This book even comes with some delicious recipes! "Paleo Comfort Foods" by Julie and Charles Mayfield is another great recipe book to check out!

I am happy to say that for about a month now I am back on track and eating clean again.  I have also lost 7 pounds which I am pleased with. If you are looking for some information on my clean lifestyle you can read it here or find it under Clean Eating 101 at the top of my site. You could also send me an email if you don't feel comfortable commenting on my site. I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or about your own clean eating journey! If you would like to see some of the clean food I make feel free to follow my Pinterest account or my Instagram account! I love getting new followers and I love following my followers back!