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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

TV Stand Makeover!

I was feeling ambitious yesterday. I really want a new TV stand but the kind I would like (a rustic wooden one) is just not in the budget right now. So, I decided the one I have needs a face-lift. I am tired of looking at its ugliness. A spur of the moment decision yes but I am loving the outcome! Especially since this didn't cost me anything! That's right NOTHING...because I already had the stuff on hand. If you don't have the materials on hand then it will cost you but not much.

Materials Needed

Hammer and Screwdriver (if you want to remove doors/ shelves)

Step One: The first step I did was remove the doors and drawer of the TV stand. It was easy and fun.

Step Two: Sand down the entire tv stand. You want the paint to stick so this step is important.

Step Three: Prime the tv stand. Only one coat is necessary.

Step Four: Paint the TV stand. Be creative use any color that you want! After the first coat dries, apply another coat of paint. The picture below is after the second coat of paint.

Step Five: This is the fun part. After it dries you get to set it up!

Pretty awesome how I went from this-

Hideous right?!

To This-

Pretty isn't it? I love how it brightens up the entire corner!