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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Guest Post by Scrutinizing Life- Super Snacks for the Super Bowl!!

This is an awesome guest post by Scrutinizing Life (who also happens to be my Mum!)! She is new to blogging so to all my faithful readers, please head over to her site and send her some love! Start following her blog to read more great posts like this. She is on an exciting journey right now and I promise you will not be disappointed in what you read by her!

Super Snacks for the SUPER BOWL!

I can not wait for the Super Bowl next week!  It should be quite a game.  Both teams will be so fired up because it is, after all, THE SUPER BOWL!!   This means one thing to many fans who aren’t going to be in Arizona…. Super Bowl Party!!  What comes with the super bowl party?  FOOD!   I have searched for some appealing appetizers and delectable desserts for the big day. Below are some yummy sounding recipes.  I want to make them all!!  Let me know which ones you tried and how they came out.
First of all….how much do you love that snack stadium picture?!  I found the recipe for the one pictured above as well as other variations here.  If you want to build a complete Snackadium theme party, check out the one I found at Ambitious Kitchen.  Now that looks like a great party!! 

Don’t they all look delicious!!!

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