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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

N. Seoul Tower

My son first spotted the Seoul Tower in when we arrived in Korea almost two years ago (September 2012). to him the Tower is magical. Try thinking like a 2.5 year old for a minute. Seeing a Tower like that I can only imagine what he thought. Princes, dragons, magic and superheros were probably going through his mind. Every time time we have been to Seoul since that first wondrous sighting he has wanted to go see this Tower. We finally went for his 4th birthday. I have never seen this boy so happy. His dream was coming true.

The easiest way for us to get to the N. Seoul Tower (from Camp Humphreys) was driving to Yongsan Army Base in Seoul. We parked at the commissary parking lot and took a cab to the cable car. This was only about a 10 minute cab ride and cost around 7,000 won (about $6.00) I wish I had been able to get a picture of us on the cable car but my son was a little nervous. OK, maybe he was feeding off of my fear as I am terrified of heights...In all honesty the cable car ride was fast and a very smooth, easy ride. If you aren't comfortable taking the cable car there are stairs (many stairs!) leading up to the tower that you can take instead. The prices for the cable car for round trip cost our family 23, 000 won. 

 Beautiful, isnt it?
After the cable car we walked up a few flights of stairs and roamed around the outside of the Tower. We also had lunch at the N. Grill. They have the best American style burgers in Korea and very reasonable prices!

He is so happy in this picture!

After eating we went into the bottom of the Tower and paid for tickets to ride the elevator to the observatory. It cost us 25,000 won. Not very expensive but honestly I would have paid a lot more to make this boy's dream come true. The elevator ride was quick and very smooth. The view from the observatory is breathtaking. 

Birthday boy checking out the view!


They have an awesome candy store on one of the levels of the observatory

This is where you can write a post card to a love one and they will m ail it from the Seoul Tower. Isn't that neat?!?

There are also quite a few gift shops you can visit. I think my favorite part of the being here was that we were able to put a lock on the lock "wall" at the Tower. If you and your sweetheart put a lock on the wall with your names on it and then toss the key you will be together forever. 

Can you still spot our lock?

Here are a few more pictures from our visit. I actually many more but won't post them all on here.

There was a bunch of intresting artwork in the shape of hearts around the base of the Tower.

Around the base of the Tower

The beautiful N. Seoul Tower

If you ever have the chance to come to Korea, whether it is on vacation, work or being stationed here, don't miss out on seeing the N. Seoul Tower. It is truly an experience!

If you have any questions about hours and prices you can find all of that information here.