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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Month of the Military Child

Being a military family means we all make sacrifices. I support my husband 100% in the career that he has chosen for himself. This means whenever we are able, we will follow him where ever he goes. I will uproot our family time and time again to make sure we stay together. Keeping our family together is one of my top priorities. While it is my choice to support and follow my husband around the world, this isn't our children's choice.
Our daughter is only 9 months so she doesn't understand yet but our son is now 4 and in four months he will be doing one of the hardest things he has done in his short life. He will be leaving his home and his friends behind while I uproot our family to yet another duty station. This will be the first time he will be old enough to know what it feels like to leave his life behind. I am dreading this day for him and I will cry with him and for him when this day comes.

Though he may not completely understand why we are doing it I know he will still be upset. Our home in Korea is the longest he has ever lived in one place. He was only 2 when we left America. He doesn't remember it. Our daughter has never stepped foot (or crawled as she can't yet walk) in America. It will be a major adjustment for both of them. They may not realize the sacrifices they are being forced to make and the future sacrifices that will be coming or that it will get more difficult as they get older. I do know, that their Daddy is their hero and that their love for him will continue to help them make the sacrifices. 

This may not have been the life they chose for themselves but it is the life they are apart of. To me, that means military children have it the hardest of all. 

April is Month of the Military Child. 

Thank a military child for everything they endure in the life we chose for them. Military children are an amazing group of kids and sometimes we forget how hard it is on them. 

I am a Military Child

I am a Military Child
I am strong and true
Standing tall with pride watching Daddy protect all

Sometimes I get sad, wondering why things happen like they do
But then I lift my head up and remember my family is together
Everything will be okay

My Daddy is a hero 
I support him in what he does
I am strong and true
I am a Military Child