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Monday, February 3, 2014

Restaurants and Puppy Rescues!

This is two posts in one. I have't been keeping up like I said I would. I'm sorry to anyone who actually reads this blog. Does anyone actually read this blog? I'm not sure my life is even all that interesting. I live an ordinary life. However, I love my ordinary life! Anyways back to my two posts for the day.

My first one is a restaurant review. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Korea and is called I'm Your Fan. It's a restaurant specifically geared towards pork cutlets! These pork cutlets are delicious. We can feed our family of four (technically three as baby girl doesn't eat food yet) for around 28,000 won (about $25.00).  They start you foo with a bowl of cream soup. My son LOVES this soup. He wont eat pork cutlets so he will eat his soup and mine and my husband's soups. He also loves the garlic bread which for two pieces is only 1,000 won (under $1.00). I always get the double cheese stuffed pork cutlet. It's amazing. Crispy outside and gooey cheesy inside over a delicious sweet sauce. My husband tried something different this time and got the wellness pork cutlet. This is a large cutlet served over bean sprouts. He said it was good but next time he will stick to his usual spicy pork cutlet. If you ever find yourself in Korea I highly recommend this restaurant.

enjoinh his cream soup!

Daddy and son!

Double cheese stuffed pork cutlet

Wellness pork cutlet

Christian with his cream soup and garlic bread

I'm Your Fan

I'm Your Fan

My second post is that we rescued a puppy! We were on our way to go bowling when a puppy ran out in front of our car. We almost ran over him! The poor guy was so cold and filthy. We knew we couldn't leave him out in the cold so we brought him home with us. People from back home keep asking us how we know he wasnt someones pet who got lost? Well, here in Korea there are so many abandoned/stray animals. They don't treat their animals like pets. If they have a dog t is chained up outside their properties 24/7. They have the dogs there to guard their belongings, not as pets. Their pets are filthy, underfed and unhealthy.  Once they don't want their animals anymore they let them loose. This is what probably happened to our (we named him Opie) puppies mother and then she most likely got pregnant and abandoned her babies. So, we brought Opie home We weren't sure if there was anything wrong with him so we kept him separated from the kids until we could get him an appointment at the vet. The vet was surprised how healthy he was. Opie is adapting very well to our family. The cat even loves him!


Playing with Charlie!