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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Lotte World

I was 40 weeks pregnant and desperate to go into labor. We were staying at a hotel in Seoul so I could be close to the hospital. We had been there for two weeks already waiting for me to go into labor. Even though we had a discount rate because I was pregnant, it was becoming pretty darn expensive. Anyways, my son was going stir crazy from being cooped up in the hotel room and I was going crazy from being pregnant still so my husband suggested we go out and do something. That maybe walking around will help start labor. We decided to go to an indoor/outdoor amusement park called Lotte World which is located in Seoul about 20 mins from Yongsan base which is where the hotel was that we were staying at.

Here are some pictures from our day. I didn't go any rides because of being pregnant so I am the one who took all the pictures. 

Seoul Tour I took this picture from our hotel room

After Lotte World we went walked over to Toy's R Us. My son is obsessed with Angry Birds (he calls them mad birds, he is only 3) and we surprised him by going to the toy store to get him some Angry Bird toys. That store was awesome and we will be going back to get Christmas presents there! So after all that walking around 8pm that night I started having contractions. And guess what? I ended up going into labor! I really believe that walking helps start labor because I also walked for a couple miles when I was pregnant with my son and ended up going into labor early the next morning. For all of you mama's that are desperate to go into labor try walking! It just might work for you too!