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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Gone with the Wind

Gone with the Wind is my absolute favorite book and movie EVER. I love everything about this movie. The romance, war, struggle, loss, drama and the dresses. I love the dresses. I'm pretty sure that I was born during the wrong time period. I would have loved to dress like that on a regular basis. My favorite dress is when she goes to the first ball where she learns that Melanie and Ashley are engaged. She is wearing a white dress with green flowers on it. I love it. I want it.
This is my favorite dress :)
The reason I brought up Gone with the Wind is because my husband's unit is going to the field for a week and I am going to be hosting a Gone with the Wind night. No we will not be dressing up. Though that would be fun but I doubt you could find dresses like that here in Korea. We will just be watching Gone with the Wind and we will also watch Scarlet which is the sequel to Gone with the Wind but by a different author. Scarlet is also an excellent book and movie. I am going to miss my hubby a lot but I am really looking forward to Gone with the Wind night!
I wonder what kind of food I should make for this awesome movie night?!?