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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and pregnancy update!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in Korea! I am so excited! We will be hosting it at our home and having a few friends over. In Korea your friends become your family so for the Holidays that is who you spend them with. We will be making all kinds of yummy foods! The ovens in Korea are super small so we had to buy a turkey fryer. I have never had fried turkey but can't wait to try it! We will also be having a glazed ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, mac and cheese, dinner rolls, green bean casserole, mixed veggies in a cheese sauce and cranberry sauce! For dessert we will be having a cheesecake with apple crisp topping on top of it, a berry trifle, zucchini bread and chocolate chip cookies. Sounds yummy doesn't it?!? I can't wait!!

No on to the pregnancy update:

How far along?
6 weeks

Total weight gain:

Maternity clothes?
not yet

Stretch marks?
Yes but they are from my last pregnancy with my son :)

Hardly sleeping at all. Way to nauseous all the time!

Best moment this week:
Getting Zofran for my all day sickness!

Not yet

Food cravings?
Taco bell soft shell tacos with the mild sauce ugh I know so bad for you!

Nope but getting a little bloated

Gender Prediction:
I have no idea!

Labor Signs?

Mood Temperament:
A little stressed about giving birth at a Korean hospital

Telling everyone!

There is my update! Not too much going on yet!