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Monday, October 15, 2012

Puppies, Updates and More!!

If you have been wondering why I have been neglecting writing lately well there is a few different reasons...on of which is this...

A friend and I were walking down to post the other day to drop off food for our hubby's company's fundraiser and it was market day in the village. We saw those puppies and wanted one right away! After a little begging our husbands agreed and we are now the proud mommy's of these adorable puppies! Well, not all of them. I have a boy and my friend has his sister.  They are Jindo's which is a rare Korean breed dog. In South Korea Jindo's are considered a National Monument. If you get the chance Google Jindo it's really quite interesting!
Here's our little guy!! How cute is he?!? My husband named him Chewy after Chewbacca from the Star Wars. However, I'm starting to think his name is actually rather fitting because he loves to chew everything!
My son loves him! They are already best friends!!
Another reason I have been extremely stressed about is trying to fly our dog that is back home to be with us in South Korea. He is currently with a foster home (we always planned on flying him here once we found a place to live) and it is so much work to bring a pet into S. Korea not to mention extremely expensive! My "friend" who is fostering him recently contacted me and told me she no longer wants to continue watching him so I have to figure out what to do with him. Well, that's easy I want him here. When I explained to her everything that needs to be done for him to get here and pass through customs with out any problems she didn't want to do it. I was very frustrated because when she started fostering him she agreed to do these things once it was time to ship him here. After a lot of arguing and me sending money she has finally agreed to it. Mind you it's not too difficult. He just needs a rabies certificate, health certificate and to be micro chipped and brought to the air port. What is so difficult is that the health certificate needs to be done with in 10 days of traveling and you can only book the flight 3 days in advance. It has to be on a week day that he lands in S. Korea because customs is closed on the weekends. I am happy to say that Marley be with us the first week of November! I can't wait to get him or for him to meet Chewy! I hope they will get along!
This is everything my friend and I made for the bake sale.
peanut butter fudge
candy corn rice krispie treats
Reece's pieces rice krispie treats
plain rice kripie treats
no bake peanut butter cookies
Tomorrow I will post the recipe to the no bake cookies because they were amazing!!
I am also trying out something new on Battling the Home Front. A newsletter! I wanted to post about updates, up coming features and give aways that will be occurring during the month. It will be a monthly newsletter. Please subscribe to find out the going ons of Battling the Home Front!