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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Insta Tuesday!

I have been really busy this last week. I am now a member of our units FRG. I actually really like the position I will have. I will be in charge of all the new families that will be arriving to Korea. I will help them with any questions they may have or anything I can do to make their transition a little easier. I'm not going to lie I wish that my family had this help when we arrived! Tonight i will be taking a food handlers course so I can be certified to make and sell food for our units fundraisers. I am very excited to be getting involved with our unit!

Now...Linking up for another week of Insta Tuesday!

My little soldier wearing Daddy's helmet. these things are really heavy I have no idea how he is holding his head up!

Neat field outside of our building. i wish I knew what kind of grass this is.

Relaxing in the morning watching Spongebob in Korean...

Another view from our balcony