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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Insta Tuesday!

Linking up for another Insta Tuesday! I love instagram. There are so many cool things you can do on it! This is one of my favorite link parties. 

Daddy and Christian watching the Avengers. Our son is obsessed with super heroes right now. Is that normal for two years old? He LOVES the Hulk the best. 

Our car hasn't arrived yet so we walk every where. Cheaper than taking a cab. This a picture taken on our way to base.

Christian fell asleep at our new favorite restraunt Hwa Hwa. i think I have posted a pic before. It's a Korean BBQ.

Yummm! They have great prices here. We got a ton of food for 35,000 Won. I'm still a little confused on what it converts to in American. The exchange rate changes day to day. Today it was about 1400 Won
= about $1.00.

Walking back from Hwa Hwa

Everything in Korea is tiny! This is a Mt. Dew can.

Okay so these last few pics are not instagram but are super cute so I had to share with you all!

His new hat that we got in Osan's ville. He will not leave the house with out it on his head!He also has a new Spiderman figurine. I kept calling it a doll and my hubby kept correcting me saying its not a doll!! He's a boy it's a figurine! 

Reading his Batman comic book. He loves comic books! He will spend and hour just looking at the pictures!

Osan's ville

Christian's favorite Korean crackers. I have no idea what it says but they taste like ritz bits.