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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guest Post by Crystal!

Here is a great fummy mommy moment from Crystal! If you have never checked out her blog stop by and visit here!

Son Are Those My Heels Your Wearing?
  Being the parent of four can be very stressful at times. Some days I throw my hands up because I have no clue what to do. My kids are a handful but some days they are absolutely comical. A few weeks ago I was doing laundry and house work, when I heard these awful screams. I immediately went into “mommy mode” running outside with a one year old in tow. I ran from one end of the yard to the other and couldn’t find the kids but I knew it was their screams. Not knowing what to do I ran back to my porch in tears, and yelled their names out. Before I could proceed to continue looking for them I was almost knocked down my seven year old daughter, she ran past me and close on her tail was my nine year old son…complete in my four inch heels! He ran so fast by me that I was confused for a moment. Before I could yell at them, he took a leap off our three foot high porch. Landing on his face, and in the mud did not stop him. He continued to run after his sister even after his sorts fell off. My nervousness was replaced by unstoppable laughter! Apparently the two siblings had made a bet that he would catch her, even while running in my heels. When my shoes were returned, they were scuffed and muddy. While reprimanding them I couldn’t hold it in and burst into laughter. When I tell friends this story I see the concerned looks on their face, but I’m not looking deeper into this than what it really is. Children have fun and do things innocently. My children are my comedians and on a bad day I got a good laugh!
Bio: Crystal a mother four uniquely awesome kids, married to my prom date. Author of Momma Blogga, creator of the NICU Journal and the founder of the Gift Of Faith Project.