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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

This Weeks Instagram Pictures

Once again I do not have many pictures as we are moving but the ones I have are pretty cute! I may be bias considering he is my son but I think he is pretty adorable! He is my favorite person to take pictures of. He actually takes really good pictures if you can get him to sit still!

 We went out to Chilis for lunch the other day. He at all 5 chicken strips! He is an extremely picky eater but never turns down battered chicken!

The dinner my sweetie made the other night. He even set it up all nice! I love him!

Daddy left his hat behind and Christian wanted to wear it. 

Sauteed garlic kale I made a few nights ago. It came out really good! I keep meaning to post the recipe but have not had the time. I think kale is an acquired taste. i have just recently started liking it and only if there is a lot of salt and seasonings with it.

Well that is all he pictures I have today. Hopefully next week (if I have a Korean phone by then) I will be able to post some pictures of Korea.