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Monday, September 10, 2012

Remembering 9/11 : Guest Post from Taingamala

Jane over at Taingamala is our guest post for today. When I had asked her if she would do a guest post for me she suggested doing one about 9/11. I thought this was a great idea. However, I am ashamed to say that before she mentioned it I had forgot that 9/11 was coming up. We have had so much going on for our move to Korea that it slipped my mind. It's a poor excuse. While some people might may want to forget that day (they have their reasons and everyone is untitled to them) I am not one of them. I understand why they would but I don't want to forget. I didn't know anyone personally that lost a loved one but this event affected our entire country and being an Army wife I am proud to say that this is the reason why my husband joined. To defend our amazing country. To protect our safety and our freedom at all costs. Even if it means sacrificing his life. Today I pray for every person that lost a loved one, for our heroes and for our country. I am proud to be an American!

Jane really puts into perspective how we should all remember what happened on that day.

I'm Jane and I blog over at Taingamala! Taingamala is a made up word my husband and I use with each other that means I love you, thinking of you, or as a word of support. We are always striving to be the best people we can be and have the strongest marriage which brings us on the adventure to Taingamala. Join us for the ride.

It's hard to believe that anything that happened when I was 13 would have any effect on my life today. When, I was 13 I went to approximately a bazillion Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. (Still some of the best parties I've ever been to. They top some weddings. Certainly, topped mine!) I was a little (code word for WAY) too worried about being "cool". I thought getting onto the yearbook committee was the most important thing in the world. None of these things effect my life now, nor should they or I would be in need of some very serious and expensive therapy. But, something did happen that year that effects me more on a daily basis than any other event in my life.

That was the year of 9/11.

Until, two years ago it was a heartbreaking memory of hatred that exists in the world. After, two years ago, it became the painful reason my husband along with so many other husbands, wives, sons, daughters, friends, put their lives at risk and go to war.

Last year, I read an article saying we as a culture were too hung up on 9/11, we needed to get past it, it was 10 years ago, time to move on. Having a husband who was currently deployed at that time and mourning the death of his fellow soldier it hit me how removed some people feel from the events of that day while others of us are effected by it daily. While we certainly don't think about it every day, but even now, when my husband is home, he is training to go back to war. It saddens me, not that people want to move on from a painful time, that is human nature, but that some people already have, while their fellow Americans are still dealing with the ramifications of that day.

While I don't think we as a society should be stuck grieving 9/11, it's good to move forward, but it's also good to remember. Remember what this country stands for, the innocent lives lost that day, the heroes that were made and remember that there are still Americans in harms way. Today, we should all just remember.