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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flying to Korea

 A few people have asked me how the flights to Korea went, well they were LONG! I mean that's pretty obvious but other than that they were not too bad. We flew from Richmond to Chicago (about 1 hour and 45 mins) then we had a 3 hour wait in Chicago and from there flew to Seattle and in Seattle we had a 9 hour wait. Once we got to Seattle it was confusing because we flew the Patriot Express. Another soldier saw us and helped us out, thank goodness because we were completely lost. Nothing was labled and no one was there to tell us what to do. My husband waited in line to check in our bags for three hours. Once that was done we had to take a shuttle to our terminal and we waited about 4 hours until our flight. We flew from Seattle to Japan. The flight was 10 hours. The plane itself was comfortable and there was quite a bit of room on it. It had six bathrooms. They served us three meals and came around with drinks and snacks often. The meals were actually pretty good. However, they were not geared towards children. I would reccomend bringing lots of snacks if you have kids. They played some really good movies. The only thing I did not like about the flight was that the person in front of me kept his seat reclined the entire time, as far back as it could go so he was basically in my lap the whole flight. My son did great on the flight! He slept most of the way. We brought his car seat because he sleeps better in it than in an actual seat. Once we arrived in Japan we waited in a room until the plane fueled up (about a 3 hour wait) and then we headed to Korea (about a 3 hour flight). Once we got to Korea it was easy. There was a bunch of soldiers there to tell us what to do. They explained how to get our baggage and go through customs and then where to go to catch a bus to the Yongsan Base. The bus ride was about 2 hours long and Korean drivers are crazy! We made it safely though! Once we got to Yongsan we had a briefing and then we were able to check into our hotel. The next two days hubby had to do some in processing and today (it's Thursday morning here now) we will be heading to Camp Humphreys. This is where we will actually be stationed. The next step is to find an apartment. I can't wait to be out of hotels!!


Waiting in Chicago
Dragon Hill Lodge in Yongsan, South Korea
Checking out a statue at the hotel
Awesome play area at the hotel