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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Insta Tuesday

Trying something new today! I am linking up with Taingamala for Insta Tuesday. You should go check out her blog. It's pretty awesome and she is a fellow Army wife! Us Army wives have to stick together! 

I will explain these, starting from the top right.

1. Nap time! He looks so peaceful when he is sleeping. Don't let that fool you though, when he is awake he has the energy of about six two year olds instead of just one.
2. Cliff bars are my new favorite on the go meal bar. I just tried them for the first time the other day. They are really good they don't have that power bar taste to them. 
3. So I am really not mad in that picture. I was just getting fed up because I could not take a good picture (I am really un photogenic! I think that was like the 8th picture I took and then gave up.
4. My son and his best friend Marley.

1. We went out to Dennys for breakfast. Christian loves their pancakes! He is also becoming a pro at using a fork!
2. This is a couple hours after we went out to breakfast. We were at the mall and he saw Rice Krispies treats. He ate the entire gigantic thing! He also ate this after he had 5 chicken nuggets from Wendy's. I'm not sure where it all goes. He is a tall skinny little thing but he doesn't eat like one! 

1. This is my new carry on bag I bought for the trip to Korea. I thought it was super cute so I posted a pic of it. It was also on sale for $20.

What do you all think of my Insta Tuesday pics?