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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Insta Tuesday and a little update on Korea

Back again with Taingamala for this weeks Insta Tuesday link up! I don't have as many pictures this week. It's been crazy trying to get everything together for Korea. The movers that will be putting most of our stuff in storage come this Friday. Trying to figure out what to take with us and what to put in storage is starting to stress me out. I want to take everything but I know that is not an option. You can only take half of your weight allowancwe which isn't much. Any other military wives out there have any tips for me? 

Back to Insta Tuesday! 
He didn't really want me to take a picture of him haha still cute though!
My sons new obssession he LOVES chickens. When you ask him what sound a chicken makes he does the owl sound. I'm not sure how he even knows what an owl sounds like but he makes that sound for every kind of bird. Gosh, I love my cutie pie!
I thought my make up and hair looked pretty good that day. I still hate taking pictures of myself.
What we had for dinner last Friday night. Glazed ham, oven roasted zucchini chips, sauteed kale and whole wheat dinner rolls. It was really good!
Sorry for the lack of pictures this week! I'm not sure how many I will have next week or if I will even be able to post. We move to Korea next Saturday! Yikes! I am so nervous...