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Monday, July 9, 2012

More on Korea

We submitted out command sponsorship paperwork last week. We also found out it could take a year before we are approved which would mean another year with out living with my husband. We are both really discouraged. We don't want our son to forget who his daddy is. My husband and I sat down down and had a long talk this weekend. We decided that if we do not have CS by December then during Xmas break we will pay to move ourselves over there. We decided its best for our family to be together rather than spending another year apart. DH has a meeting with his Lt. today about what we would need to do/have if that is the route we have to go. I'm trying really hard to be optimistic about everything but it's not easy. I'm still hoping we will get CS and will be able to travel with DH. That however is a long shot. A girl can hope though right?