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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Homemade Crayons!

I was surfing the web looking for fun ideas to add to my sons Easter basket when I came across a homemade crayon recipe on pinterest. It was so easy, looked like a lot of fun and I new my son would love them! These are also a great craft to do at a kids party or for a rainy day. Best part is they only take 10-20 mins!

All you need is broken up crayon pieces, a cupcake pan, cupcake holders and an oven! 
Pre heat your oven to 300.
Place cup cake holders in your cupcake pan.
Add broken crayon pieces to your cupcake holders. You will want to add a bunch of crayon pieces because they will melt down.
Put in your oven for 10-20 mins. They melt fast so keep an eye on them. Wait for them to cool, remove the cupcake holder and then let your kids color away!

Trying them out!

His master piece! Another work of art ready to be displayed on the fridge!