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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Christian's 2!!

I'm sorry I have been absent lately. A lot has been going on! Our son turned two, we had Easter and I'm planing a trip. Christian had a great birthday. Colin was able to get a pass for the weekend so having him home with us made his birthday and Easter even more special. Christian got all kinds of awesome presents. His favorites were his new toy car he can ride in by little tikes, his Buzz and Woody dolls and his Spongebob and Patrick figurines he got for Easter. He had many more gifts I just can't think of them all right now. He was one loved little boy! We also took him to the park on his birthday and he had so much fun! He loved playing in the sand and got very filthy but enjoyed his hour long bath after!

I made Christian his birthday cake this year. I love making and decorating cakes. It is a lot of fun but can be hard work. The one I made for him was pretty easy. If anyone wants to use this as an idea go right ahead!

I made the inside of the cake different colored layers so when you cut into the cake it looked like this.


2 boxes white cake mix
2 tubs of vanilla frosting
1 tub of chocolate frosting
4 different colors of food coloring (I used green, yellow, red and blue)
1 disposable bag 
1 star tip (it doesn't matter what size you use, however you want your grass to look)
3 toy cars

1. Follow the instructions on the cake mix boxes. Each box will make two 9 inch round cakes. After you prepare you cake mix separate them into four bowls. Add 3-5 drops of different food coloring to each bowl. Stir well together and then pour each bowl into its own 9 inch round baking pan. Cook as directed on the box.

2. Once the cakes are done let cool for ten mins and then remove from pans. Let them sit for a few hours or over night. You want the cake to cooled completely before you assemble it together. If the cake is still warm when you are frosting it will melt and won't stay together.

3. After you cake is cooled you can begin putting it together. Decide the order you want your layers to be in and then add chocolate frosting between each layer. It should look like this. 

4. Next take 1 tub of vanilla frosting and add green food coloring to it. Mix well. Using a small metal spatula spread the green frosting around the cake but do not frost the top yet. once you make the sides as smooth as you can get ( a trick is after you frost run your spatula under warm water and run it along the side) started on the top. Using your chocolate frosting and your spatula go around the edge of the to of the cake making a road. You can judge the width by the size of the toy cars you will use.  Dye more vanilla frosting green (leave less than 1/4 of the frosting white for later use) and add to your frosting bag making sure that you have your star tip already in place. Fill in the center of the top of your cake using the bag of frosting. Carefully squeeze with one hand while holding the top of the bag shut with your other. If the frosting looks more like a blob than a star put the big in the freezer for a couple mins. The frosting is too melted. Once you are done filling in the center of your cake go around the outer edge of your road. After this is complete you can draw the white lines on the road with the remaining white frosting. The way I did it was dipping the tip of a butter knife into the frosting and then applied it to the road. Add the toy cars to the cake and it is done!

5. If you are not going to serve your cake until the next day store it in the fridge so the frosting doesn't melt.