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Monday, April 23, 2012

Back from vacation!

Great news! I survived the 10 hour drive (going to and coming home) to New England with a toddler and a puppy! Ten hours there and ten hours back with out getting lost and no car troubles! I'm pretty darn proud of myself! Anyways, we had a great time visiting with family and friends but are very happy to be home. Dorothy had it right, there really is no place like home! We were busy the entire 6 days that we were there. I now need a vacation from my vacation. I'm exhausted! 

Visiting with family and friends (our puppy was not use to New England weather)

When we were away I though it would be really nice to get Christian's 2 year old pictures done to give to our family members. His pictures were done at Picture People and they came out amazing! the great thing about Picture people is that you get to take your pictures home with you the very same day they are taken! 

Didn't they come out fantastic?!?

Christian discovered side walk chalk when we were on vacation. He loved it and had so much fun! He is quite the little artist! The great thing about side walk chalk is you use it outside which mean my walls are crayon free! He loves to color but not on paper he prefers to color on walls, floors, doors and even the t.v. Mr. Clean Magic Erasers have become my best friend. 

Cute isn't he?

More great news while we were away. Colin passed his PT test! WOOHOO!! That means this coming weekend he will take his phase up test and if all goes well he will be living with us by the end of next month! I haven't had my husband living with me in almost 8 months. Going through BCT and AIT has not been easy.  At least the last few months of AIT he will be living with us. It will be amazing!

We went to visit Colin on base the day after we got back from vaca

Even more great news! In the first picture do you see that cute young blonde chick (she is the 6th little picture) well she is my best friend and will be getting married this August! She has also asked me to be her matron of honor! I am so excited for her and very proud to be apart of her wedding.