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Sunday, March 11, 2012

What a wonderful day!!

Had an amazing day with my hubby today. Picked him up after morning formation and just brought him back. He enjoyed the left overs from the lunch i had made him yesterday but he wasn't able to have because he couldn't come home. Christian loves playing with Daddy so much. He was so sad when we had to bring him back to base. Colin has his PT Test on Thursday. Please pray he passes. We need him home with us so badly. He is really discouraged. The PT Test he took two weeks ago he failed it by one sit up. you have to do 50 sit ups in 2 mins and he did 49. I felt so bad for him but still proud of him. He had been really worried he wouldn't be able to do even that money. He had injured his tailbone in BCT and it still bothers him whenever he does sit ups. At least now he knows he can do it!
Christian enjoying spending time with Daddy. Seeing them both together fills my heart with joy. They love each other so much and I love both of them more than anything. When they are happy I am happy. Hopefully the beginning of May he will be living with us. We have already been apart for 6 months and we miss him like crazy! Remember please keep Colin in your prayers for his PT Test! Thank you!!!