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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Some days I wish I could go back to living my "normal" life. The life that I knew before. The life i was comfortable living. Then I realized this is my normal life now. I need to accept that this is my life. You know what? I'm starting to feel comfortable in my new life. With my husband being away 99% of the time I have become more independent. I have learned to fend for myself. I no longer need my husband to fix the car problems or handle issues that may occur around the condo. just because I'm a woman doesn't mean I can't take care of it. I can do anything I put my mind to. I have learned that I am strong enough and I don't need a man to do those kinds of things for me. That doesn't in any way mean that I don't need my husband. I do now more than ever. I miss him terribly and I am completely lost with out him. I feel like apart of me is missing when we are apart. However, it is good to know that I am able to manage with out him even if I do not want to. I think that discovering that I am strong enough to be on my own and be a mom and a dad to Christian (when Colin is away) has helped me become a better person, a better mother and a better wife.

A great way of communicating with my husband is skype. We discovered this yesterday and used it for the first time last night. It was amazing being able to see his face. Our son LOVED being able to see him and talk to him. As much as a two year old can talk anyways. I can't wait to talk to him again tonight via skype!