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Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything's Changing

My title has changed. I am no longer just a WIFE. I am an ARMY WIFE. I don't look any different but I feel different. I have so many emotions running through me. Pride for my husband. Scared for his life and for the change that has taken place. Loneliness for wishing I could see him everyday. Deprived for wanting him in my bed every night. Hopeful for the future. Most of all and most important LOVE and FAITH. The love I have for my husband is unconditional and I know that as long as we are together (even if he is deployed he is always in my heart) we can overcome anything that has been put in our path. Faith because I am trusting that this is God's plan and whatever may happen there is a reason for it.
 Is this what being an Army Wife's life is? An emotional roller coaster, living one day at a time? Is it normal what I am feeling? Is there anyone out there feeling that same as I do?