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Monday, March 26, 2012

Easter Baskets/Packages and Spring Crafts

My son's second birthday is in 12 days and is Easter is in 13. Today I put together his Easter basket. It's not anything huge because he will be getting birthday presents the day before but I think he will really like it. He loves Spongebob so his basket's theme is Spongebob. the basket itself is a plush Spongebob basket that I filled  with a Patrick, Gary and Spongebob figurine.  There are also a pack of Spongebob squinkies and I will put some plastic eggs filled with goldfish. He doesn't like candy.

I also put together my husbands Easter package that I will be mailing to him. his package is Star wars themed. I filled it with a Starwars magazine, Starwars sqinkies, a little Starwars lego ship he can put together, Starwars plastic eggs filled with mini snickers bars and the 4th season of Dexter. I know thats not Starwars but he has been wanting it. The Starwars stuff is a joke. I like to tease about how much of a geek he is because he knows everything about Starwars. I also made him some "special" Easter Coupons booklet and put in two Mio energy drops to add to bottled water.

The other day I made a pretty neat Spring craft. I made a paper flower wreath. To make the flowers I googled how to make paper flowers and used colorful scrap booking paper for them. For the bade of the wreath I used card board and then hot glued the papers flowers and paper leaves on to it. It was simple and fun! This is the link I used to make the paper flowers. http://www.instructables.com/id/rolled-paper-flowers-1/