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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Being Creative

I decided to be creative today. I made my niece a dress and a princess quilt for he birthday. The quilt was the very first time I have ever used a sewing machine. And my nieces dress is the first time I have ever made clothes. I am feeling pretty imprssed with myself right now.

I didnt follow a pattern for this quilt. i made it up on my own. I used four different fabrics. Three of which are the squares of the quilt and then the fourth is for the back f the quilt. I cuz my quilting squares into 3x3 squares and sewed 8 squares together. Always place the squares right side together before you sew a piece on. Ths isnt a large quilt i only used 9 rows of 8 squares to make this. Then I sewed the backing on. Pretty easy. And cute.

Next I made this dress. I didn't come up with this on my own. I used the pattern from http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/baby-dress-patterns.html and followed their directions. It was easy to do and really fun to make. It only took me about 2 hours to make the dress.  It took me 3 days to make the quilt.