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Thursday, March 8, 2012


I am a New England girl. I lived most of my life in Mass. I have lived here in VA for 3 months and in those 3 months I have seen more bugs than I have ever seen back home. I mean I saw bugs back home but the bugs here are HUGE! I'm serious i have never seen such a huge bee in my life. We had bees back in MA but normal size ones. Come on, look at that thing! That is not a normal size bee! It's almost 70 degrees outside and I really want to open my slider but with my luck it would find its way inside. Then my son and I would really be screwed because there is no way I could kill something like that. I mean I don't have a problem with bees being killed it's just that I am TERRIFIED of them! At first I though maybe it was like a queen bee or something but they are all that size! i keep getting freaked out because every time they fly by the slider door I can see their monster size shadows on the floor. I keep thinking they are inside but they are not. Still scary though!! i might have to as my landlord to have someone come and spray so they go away. Will landlords do things like that? I never had this problem back in MA. It guess it won't hurt to ask, right?