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Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Days til 4 days

These last few days have been much better than the last time I posted.  Today my son and I went to Walmart to pick up a few items to send in a care package. My husband is not over seas but he is in training for the next 10 months. Sending care packages is a way for me to show him how much we care. He also really likes getting them. Today we sent him necessities. Razors, foot powder, drink mix, shaving cream, gum, a snickers bar and a magazine, a few other smaller items and a picture that our son drew him. He will like that best.
I also realized that there is only 10 more days til my husband can come home for 4 days! I love 4 day weekends! He will come home 3 days after Valentine's Day so we will celebrate that weekend. You know your an Army Wife when you get excited to spend 4 days with your husband. Even 1 day is a blessing for us. We never take our time together for granted. I'm sad to say that before he joined we did take each other for granted. You never realize how much you love and need someone until they are no longer with you every day.
My advice is to cherish every moment you spend together. Cherish every letter, phone call and text message. You don't know how long it might be before you hear from him again.